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At Sabatti we believe in the employment of the most advanced manufacturing technology and the best materials available today. But we also believe that it is our passion that pushes us to pay attention to every detail along the manufacturing process and make sure every barrel, rifle and shotgun represents our high quality standards when it leaves the factory Tlf: 77682403 Faks: 77689340 Epost: vapen@vapenandresen.no. Følg oss: Nettside levert av NSN A Sabatti Rover 870 M Links Rifle 308 WIN Monte Carlo kolbe av valnøtt. 11 490,- Kjøp. Sabatti Lady Multichoke, Optowood stokk Med 5 choker. 13 990,- Sortèr på: Filter Sortèr på: Kjøp. Sabatti Underbeslag Med løst 3. Sabatti Rover 870 M Links RifleMonte Carlo kolbe av valnøttEn brukervennlig og presis rifle som virkelig er designet for jegere som skyter links og som har bevegelig kinnkappe. Perfekt for presisjonsskyting på alle avstander.Bevegelig kinnkappeSabatti Rifle LINKS med mekanisme av velkjent konstruksjon.Pipe av kaldhamret cromemolybdenstål.Magasin med hengslet magasinsbunn og.

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Sabatti Saphire (systemrifle) Tommelhull riflepakke. NOK 14 190,00 inkl. mva. Blånert med Rosa camo synthetisk Tommelhull skjefte. Sabatti Rover 90 Trestokk Links riflepakke. NOK 8 990,00 Førpris: NOK 11 990,00 Rabatt-25% inkl. mva. Les mer . Links rifle med Trestokk. Sabatti Rover 90 Synth/Rustfri tommelhullstokk riflepakke. NOK 11 990. Sabatti Jakt Lettvekter med fast trangboring, 1/4-1/2. Blank låskasse. Hardforkrommet pipe med 7 mm bred ventilert skinne og messingkorn. 13 690,00 kr. Sabatti Jakt Multichoke m/5 choker. Sabatti Multichoke leveres med fem (5) utbyttbare choker : 2x forbedret sylinder, 1/4,1/2 og 3/4 Sabatti er faktisk ei rifle som blir bedre av å bli brukt. Jobbet tidligere i butikk der disse ble solgt både som ny og brukt, og de nye kjentes litt grove og seige ut, mens våpen som kom inn som bruktvåpen kjentes faktisk bedre ut - glattere sluttstykkegange og jevnere mating Four of Italy's most highly respected gunmakers: F.A.I.R., Sabatti, Pedersoli, and FT Italia bring the latest in firearm design, technology and materials to the United States while continuing to follow the centuries-old gun manufacturing traditions of Italy Nesten uansett hva du trenger, om det er til Elgjakt, hjortejakt, rådyrjakt, revejakt, toppfugl, baneskyting, jaktfelt..Ja, vi kan hjelpe deg med det meste hvis du er på utkikk etter en ny rifle, og vi har rifler i alle prisklasser!

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  1. Sabatti TLD RED This bolt action rifle is intended for both traditional 300-m shooting and Long Distance, the discipline this rifle is named after. This model was designed and engineered by Sabatti in cooperation with the well-known £275 US$356/€305. Sabatti .243 Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/
  2. Sabatti Rifle LINKS med mekanisme av velkjent konstruksjon. Pipe av kaldhamret cromemolybdenstål. Boks magasin med 3 skudd. Kan også leveres med hengslet magasinsbunn med plass for fire patroner, ( 11.750 kr) .Forberedt for kikkertmontasje. Nettskåren o
  3. uciosa prueba del rifle de cerrojo Sabatti Rover y de la versión sintética del mismo. Alma americana p..

Our express rifle barrels are cold hammer forged and rifled by cold deformation resulting in improved dimensional consistency. The Big Five EDL exhibits refined features and is designed for comfort. The drop and cast help with instinctive shooting while hunting, and the high grade walnut stock with full cheek-piece and beavertail forearm, are hand checkered and oil finished sabatti 18.10.2019 Sabatti introduces the new Tactical EVO rifle for long-range sports shooting and professional use In a press conference at the company's headquarters in Gardone, Italy, Sabatti introduced today the new Tactical EVO bolt-action rifle. all4shooters.com was live on site to collect the first impressions as well as photos and first videos of the new gun for you

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  1. Selger ut sabatti rifle i kal 7mmrem. Trestokk, åpne sikter. Kun demo brukt. Solid bruksrifle. 2. finn.no . Rapporter annonse. 4 dager siden. Sabatti mch 12-76 multichoke som ny . Ullensaker, Eidsvoll / Akershus Nord. Kr. 11 000 . Kjøpt ny i 2015,kun skutt med 10 ganger.Fremstår som ny
  2. Komplett rifle riflepakke med alt utstyr til en ekstremt gunstig pris. Grunnet egenimport kan vi tilby makredets laveste pris på denne rifla. 1. Sabatti Rover 870 Synt kaliber 6,5x55 / 308 Win. 2. Sightron S1 3-9x40, Duplex/ Hunters Hold Over Reticle (HHR). Ferdig montert i Leupold stålmontasjer 3. Sonic 45 Lyddemper f. montert PAKKEPRIS KUN 7990,- Kjøpt løst 9 547,
  3. Sabatti Rifle med mekanisme av velkjent konstruksjon. Pipe av kaldhamret cromemolybdenstål. Løst magasin i stål, standard 3 skudd. Kan i tillegg leveres med 6 skudds magasin. Kan leveres med hengslet magasinbunn for kaliber 6,5×55 med plass for fire patroner. Magasinet i kal 223 er kun for 3 skudd og i plast. Forberedt for kikkertmontasje
  4. imi dettagli perché ogni canna, fucile o carabina esca dalla fabbrica con uno standard di qualità altissimo
  5. At a ball park figure of £900, the Sabatti SAPHIRE is a good rifle, you will pay a tad more for the thumbhole version and even more for the walnut, which is to be expected. Price-wise, it sits in the middle ground of around £1000, which is not bad at all for a switch barrel
  6. Hello, I purchased a new production Sabatti in 450NE. I ready every single piece of information I could find on these rifles and decided to go for it. I spent a lot of time in talks with whosalehunter and IFG (importer) and felt comfortable. I purchased ejector model and 5 days later it showed..
  7. Home / Firearms / Rifles / Sabatti. Sabatti Show Filters . Showing 1-0 of 11 results-20%. All Rifles, Sabatti. Sabatti: Rover Stainless Synthetic 870, 2rd, 300 Win. Mag. Box Magazine, Free Shipping to most destinations $ 1,025.00 $ 825.00. SKU: SAB-I-300-BM. Select options. Add to Wishlist Remove from.

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Sabatti Rifle Rustfri med syntetisk softshell stokk. Mekanisme av velkjent konstruksjon. Pipe og mekanisme av rustfritt stål. Løst magasin i stål, standard 3 skudds. Kan i tillegg levere 6 skudds magasin. Forberedt for kikkertmontasje. Standard uten åpne sikter, men dette kan leveres. Våpenet kan også leveres med trestok Sabatti rifles are cold hammer forge barrels. By controlling the entire barrel manufacturing process.. Sabatti Rover Tactical Laminated Wood. Sabatti. R26,500 Target bolt-action rifle for precision long distance shootingOverboared barrels - between 22 and 27. Sabatti.

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Sabatti STR Tactical Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor 26 Barrel Aluminum Chassis 7rd Mag. $2,470.00 We offer a wide selection of firearms, including: handguns, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, rifle scopes and optics, as well as collectible machine guns and other NFA/Class 3 guns Eksperten på Jaktutstyr , vi har Stort utvalg av jaktutstyr, vi har god kompetanse innen jaktvåpen, håndvåpen, kikkertsikter og håndoptikk - velkommen til Winge Våpen AS

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rifle sabatti rover synthetic cerrojo 243w 56cm ros. ref: rov870s243. 650,00. Browse Sabatti Rifles for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK's #1 gun marketplace. Search, buy and sell Rifles on GunStar today Sabatti Target Rifles. Italians are used to making the best quality almost everything, so it is no surprise that their long range precision target rifles would be meticulous and inventive. Going Long For Axis Deer: Hunting a Free-Ranging Texas Exotic Sabatti Tactical US Bolt Action Rifle .308 Win 26 Barrel 5 Rounds If you're looking for a rifle that will stand out from the rest, look no further than the Sabatti Rover Tactical .308 Winchester Bolt.. sabatti str 300 win desert. sab7/6547lapua. sabatti tactical scout 6.5 x 47 lapua. sab10/65creed. sabatti str 6.5 creedmoor desert. sab12/w/308. sabatti saphire walnut .308. sab12/sth/308. sabatti saphire syn t/hole .308. sab12/w/6555se. sabatti saphire walnut 6.5 x 55 se. 18; 36; view all; 1 ;

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Mention the name Sabatti to most UK shooters and there's a good chance most of them will have heard of them. Those that have will associate this Italian gun maker with shotguns since that in theory is what they're best known for. However, whilst the Sabatti name and related products are still establishing themselves over here, the Europeans have been big into Sabatti's rifles for a long. Based on our experience, the Sabatti is a perfectly functional, capable dangerous-game rifle whose styling and embellishments are in keeping with double rifles costing much more. Manufacturer. Sabatti's new bolt-action SAPHIRE (an acronym for Sabatti All Purpose Hunting Italian Rifle) is a pleasant surprise for at least four reasons: It has interchangeable barrels. It has an unusual Multi-Radial Rifling bore. It shoots sub-MOA groups. It's Italian made. If you've long admired famous Italian shotguns from brands like Beretta, Fausti and Perazzi, you might wonder why you don't. The Sabatti Tactical Desert rifle was adapted specifically for American shooters by the company's importer and direct U.S. representative, Italian Firearms Group (IFG).The test sample was. SHOT Show 2020 LEGGI DI PIÙ QUI... https://www.gunsweek.com ----- GUNSweek.com Video SU..

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The Sabatti ST-18 is offered in calibers like .308 Winchester, .260 Remington, 6,5X47 Lapua and 6,5 Creedomoor, so ready for popular precision shooting competitions, as well as for several hunting applications. For price and availability of the Sabatti ST-18 rifle please refer to your local dealer Hi there, new to the forum. I wanted to warn everyone out there who dreams of owning a double rifle but doesn't have the resources to spend 6k plus on one, and thinks that Sabatti double rifles at cabela's are the answer. My father was excited when finally, he could buy his boyhood dream.. Sabatti uses a thumbhole style stock on these rifles. It is adjustable for both height and length of pull. Underneath the fore end is a length of Picatinny rail for the addition of a bipod or other accessory. Included with the Sabatti Tactical Scout Rifle is a hard case and a single 7-round magazine. The magazines used in this gun are AICS pattern The Sabatti Tactical EVO US rifle instead, specifically conceived for the North American market, will come instead with a 7-rounds AICS (Accuracy International Chassis System) compatible magazine: it is a standard that for bolt-action rifles has grown till to become a market standpoint not unlike STANAG magazines are for .223/5,56mm semiauto rifles

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  1. Sabatti Rifles. Filter Clear. Price $ $ Brands Sabatti 5. Availability In Stock 2 Out of Stock 3. Product Compare 0. Sort By: Show: Quickview. OUT OF STOCK. Brand: Sabatti Model: SB-CL92ME-457. SABATTI CLASSIC 92ME DOUBLE RIFLE .45-70 EJECTORS WALNUT. FEATURES-23.6 chrome-moly steelbarrels.
  2. Innlegg om test av sabatti skrevet av Hjortefall. Hjortefall.com fikk lånt en Sabatti SKL98 DL Kipplauf i kaliber 7x57R. Vi har tidligere prøvd Blaser K95, men hadde ingen forventinger om at Sabattien til 13990,- skulle være i nærheten av denne
  3. Produkter. Våpen og jaktutstyr . Rifler . Browning . Browningpakker ; Winchester ; Tikk
  4. For many riflemen, the name Sabatti conjures images of exquisitely crafted and equally expensive double rifles destined for the Dark Continent, and they wouldn't be wrong
  5. The Sabatti SAPHIRE Synthetic Rifle (Sabatti All Purpose Hunting Italian Rifle) - a cutting edge deer hunting rifle that shows a totally different action to the previous Rover rifle. This elegant and modern action represents the best of the Made in Italy when it comes to beauty and precision

Rifles by Sabatti at Wholesale Hunter We are Wholesale Hunter. We have been scouring the world for the best deals on guns, ammo and your other hunting and fishing needs since 1998. Sabatti Urban Sniper Bolt Action Rifle 308 Winchester 10 Rounds Blued Buy a 6.5mm Creedmoor Sabatti TLD RED Bolt Action Rifle online today. This new Bolt Action Rifle requires a firearm licence. Contact the seller today using our contact form. Sabatti TLD RED This bolt action rifle is intended for both traditional 300-m shooting and Long Distance, th

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Sabatti Rifles From Italy Tactical Synthetic .223, 660mm s/less barrels, I In 9″ twist. Heavy barrels, nylon polymer stock filled with solid fibreglass, thumb wheel adjustable cheekpiece, detachable magazine , takes Remington 700 bases new $1990 Rover lnox Stainless Synthetic .243, .270, .308, detachable magazine, threaded muzzle, takes Remington 700 bases new $990 Rover lnox Stainless [ sabatti for sale in rifles. need help filtering. compare reset (0) sabatti rover 870 .222 rem. out of stock (0) sabatti classic 92me double. out of stock (0) sabatti str tactical rifle 6.5. out of stock (0) sabatti classic 92me double. out of stock (0) sabatti big five ea edl. The rifle produced good accuracy with several .308 factory loads and handloads shot from a bench. The rifle's trigger and full-size stock also proved useful shooting from field positions. The Saphire's receiver, or frame, as Sabatti refers to it, is machined from aluminum instead of more typical steel

SABATTI SAFARI 45-70 DOUBLE RIFLE Description: Sabatti Safari 45-70 double rifle. 24 inch barrels. Weaver style scope base. Double triggers. Extractors. 15 3/8 LOP factory pad. 98% with factory target and case. Price: $3,950.00 Buy No Ny Sabatti Rifle med mulighet for kaliberskifte (systemrifle). Tre låsklakker gir lavt hevarmsløft. Multiradial løp ( se Sabatti sin hjemmeside) av kalhamret cromemolybdenstål. Løst magasin i stål med 3 skudd. I tillegg kan 6 skudds magasin leveres. Syntetsik stokk. Gjenget for lyddemper, Kaliber i gruppe A: 308, 6,5×47 Lapua, 7 mm Rem, S.A.U.M, 7mm-08 Rem Kaliber i gruppe B: 270Win, 7. Sabatti Saphire with thumbole stock: technology and caliber. The test rifle was supplied in 8x57 IS caliber. The total weight is 7 lb/3.22 kg. Other calibers available are .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, 7mm SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum) and 7mm-08 Remington Kjøp ditt jaktutstyr i Våpensmia nettbutikk. Schultz&Larsen løp og magasiner, Våpensmia Thunder Sabatti, Gardone Val Trompia. 6,231 likes · 285 talking about this · 28 were here. Fabbrica Armi Sportive per la caccia e il tir

The Sabatti family has always played a significant role in firearm manufacture: its members, at one time or an other, have excelled in many of its different crafts. For example, in the early years of the 18th century, the arquebusier Lodovico Sabatti (1674-1745), working in Gardone Valtrompia, was an excellent flint-lock pistols designer and also a well-known barrel-maker Side som lister alle produktene til en produsent. Varen er ikke på lager, men dersom du bestiller vil vi bestille den inn fra leverandøren med en gang Sabatti Rifles (2 Products) Filter By . Sort By: 2 Item(s) Show. per page . Sabatti SBSAPHS65C Saphire 25 Barrel BLUED/BLACK Synthetic. MSRP: $1,260.00 | Your Price: $1,113.63. In stock (Only 1 left!) Purchase Now » View Details » Sabatti SBSAPHS308 Saphire .308 WIN.

SABATTI Urban Sniper .308 + HAWKE Sidewinder 8-32x56 Ret. Lumineux SR Pro. SABATTI + HAWK The Sabatti STR bolt-action rifle is the latest addition to the already comprehensive range of tactical rifles manufactured by Sabatti. However, while its predecessor, the tactical synthetic model, was designed mainley for precision target shooting, the STR has been created for tactical field applications where superior accuracy is required Sabatti S.P.A. was founded 400 years ago in the Northern Italy, and initially made flintlock pistols and rifle barrels. While the company certainly respects and adheres to the traditions of Old World craftsmanship, Sabatti itself isn't stuck in the 1700's Sabatti Saphire Thumbhole har en form for polygon (mangekantet) rifling i løpet i stedet for tradisjonelle bommer og rifler. Multiradial rifling har to forskjellige diametere, og er et polygonløp der den bratte overgangen i vinklene er fjernet. Sabatti lover forbedringer på mange områder, blant annet på presisjon og løpsslitasje Online owner's manual for Sabatti SAB92SF Side-by-Side Rifle

SABATTI .243 WIN. Bolt Action Rifle, complete setup ready to use, 22in. nitro barrel, 1/2 UNF thread for moderator, T8 Sound Moderator, manual safety, turn-down butterknife bolt, hinged floorplate, 14 1/4in. pistolgrip stock with recoil pad, sling eyes Search for Sabatti Double Rifle Review And 450 Rifle Review Ads Immediately . Free shipping and returns on Sabatti Double Rifle Review And 450 Rifle Revi Sabatti has designed and introduced a unique rifling profile with different features over that of traditional rifling that, Hunting bolt action rifles Competition bolt action rifles Express over and unders Kipplaufe Express side by side Rifle Shotgun Combo Sabatti rustfri Rifle med mekanisme av velkjent konstruksjon. Pipe av kaldhamret cromemolybdenstål. Løst magasin i stål, standard 3 skudd. Kan i tillegg leveres med 6 skudd magasin. Forberedt for kikkertmontasje. Alle Sabatti våpen leveres med livstidsgaranti på deler. Sabatti rifler bruker samme base-sett som Remington 700

The Sabatti Rover series are all free float barrels to ensure more accurate shooting. Finished off with a classic walnut stock, the Sabatti 870 rifles are stylish yet deadly accurate. The Sabatti Rifles are excellent rifles for stalking and hunting. Built with precision in mind, the rifles are light weight and simple to operate rifle sabatti rover synthetic cerrojo 243w 41cm ros Puede que JavaScript esté deshabilitado en tu navegador. Tiene que activar el JavaScript del navegador para utilizar las funciones de este sitio web Sabatti Sapphire Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor 25 Blue Barrel, 3-Round Synthetic Stock Black List price was $1260.00 our price $1087.99 List Price: $ 1260.00. Our Price: $ 1087.99 SHIPS FREE Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. Additional charges for Non Free Shipping. 6-E South Main St. Monroe, OH 45050. Phone 513-480-AR15. Monday-Friday: 10AM-6PM. Saturday: 10AM - 4PM . Sunday: Close Sabatti Rover Tactical Synthetic Stock Rifle 6.5×47 Lapua R 18,450.00 Add to basket Quick View Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to lo

Sabatti not only makes high quality shotguns, their double rifles are superb! I looked at and compared the CZ, Howa, Remington and Sabatti. I chose the Sabatti 870 in .308 Win based on the balance and fit of the rifle as well as the quality and excellent finish of the one I bought (still waiting for the licence) The Sabatti family has been making firearms in the Val Trompia region in Italy since the early 1700s. While the company is mostly known for its hunting and target rifles today, the STR is designed for tactical operations. In fact, STR stands for Sabatti Tactical Rifle Sabatti - 30-06Sprg - Rover 870 - BlkSyn/INOX, adj. sight, 22 $999.00. Choose Option Today, our double rifles are built on the patented Beesley action, which allows for fast opening and reloading, and gives absolute confidence to the hunter, crucial when facing dangerous game. The performance of our rifles, combined with the graceful Purdey shape and balance makes it, we believe, the finest double rifle in the world

Test: Ruger Mini 14, eller Ranch Rifle som modellen heter på originalspråket, har vært med en god stund.Den har vært brukt både til småviltjakt og - med ekstrautstyr - av diverse politikamre rundt om i verden. Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle var, så vidt jeg kan erindre, den første sivile halvautomatiske rifla kamret for 223 Remington/5,56 NATO-patronen I have found the sabatti 9.3X74r Sabatti double all indications are the bores are in good shape (no dremel marks seen, but a 3 day inspection and return period is available) and the regulation shows impact at 1 3/4 inches apart (horizontally, dead level on the vertical) at 50 yards. Im am curious as to what ya'll think of this cartridge and rifle Niggeloh Rifle rem neoprene Rosa. Produktnummer: 721093 På lager. Riflerem Universal med hurtigkobling. Antigli materialet på baksiden sørger for at den ligger stabilt på skulderen. Remmen veier kun 95 gram og kan vaskes. Passer for alle remfester med en minimum diameter på 20 mm. Farge: Rosa. Kr 655.00 Buy SABATTI CLASSIC 92ME DOUBLE, RIFLE .45-70 EJECTORS WALNUT< Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more

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Saphire er ei systemrifle.I tråd med tidsånden om anatomiske stokker, har Sabatti Saphire syntetisk tommelhullstokk med bratt pistolskjefte som gir et godt og naturlig grep. Rifla god å skyte med i jegerstillinger, og får pluss for feilfritt avtrekk og god stokk Reply today. Rossi 306mb Rifle Review And Sabatti 870 Rifle Revie Fastest Bolt Action Rifle And Sabatti Bolt Action Rifles Reviews : You want to buy Fastest Bolt Action Rifle And Sabatti Bolt Action Rifles Like Marcus Aurelius, Luciano Pavarotti, and of course Lilli Carati, Sabatti hails from Italy. The company manufactures hunting rifles and shotguns as well as rifles made for competition or duty applications. I have been shooting their Rover Tactical Rifle in .308 now for a few months. Retail for the Rover in the US sits right above 1,000 dollars

Sabatti Shotguns Sabatti Shotguns are steeped in Italian history and design. the Sabatti family name has been synonymous with the manufacture of quality and world renowned firearms for centuries and as a modern day factory for over 70 years. With an extensive range to suit the most discerning shooter from the professional hunter to the clay.

These rifles come standard with a three-lever match-type trigger system Different available calibers: 308 Win, 6,5x47 Lapua, 300 Win. Mag., 6,5x55 SE and 223 Rem. The calibers 308 Win., 6,5x47 Lapua and 6,5x55 SE offer also increased magazines Sako - 416Rigby - Model 85XL Brown Bear - Bolt Action Rifle - Brown Laminate Stock/Blued, 22Barrel, 4rd capacity, Single Stage Trigger, 1:14Twist, Mfg# SAY80ZM20, S/N J74045 $3,490.00 Choose Option

Sabatti Rifles Review And Ruger 308 Precision Rifle Review Where to buy 2019 Ads, Deals and Sales Sale Sabatti Hunting Rifles And Tactical Hunting Rifles Canada cookboo

Products: Sabatti: Rifles: Tactical Rifles Due to Sabatti's constant product development, actual product specifications may vary from those shown on this website. As such, the product specifications shown on this website should be seen as a guide only, and are subject to change from time to time Buy online Sabatti Double Rifles Reviews And Slr15 Grail Rifle Review You can order Sabatti Double Rifles Reviews And Slr15 Grail Rifle Review after check, com Sabatti SBSAPHS65C: Sabatti's all-purpose hunting rifle is cutting edge. This rifle features robust construction due to its synthetic stock. This rifle is the ideal hunting bolt action rifle for challenging hunts in various environments. The action is machined from a solid block of Ergal 55 aluminum alloy and features two integrated Picatinny rails for fast fitting and regulation of sighting. Target bolt-action rifle for precision long distance shooting Wide range of calibres 222Rem through to 300 Win Mag Overboared barrels - between 22 and 27 mm at the muzzle. A more rigid shot - vibrations at higher frequency but lower range so as to reduce shot pattern dispersion on target Our barrels are les

Mini-14 er en halvautomatisk rifle fra produsenten Sturm, Ruger.Den er i kaliber.223 Remington (svært lik den militære 5,56 × 45 mm NATO) og er gassdrevet med et fast stempel og bevegelig sylinder.. Med unntak av «Target»-modellene kan alle modeller av Mini-14 bruke både .223 Remington og 5,56 x 45 mm NATO. «Target»-modellene er produsert med mindre toleranse for å oppnå bedre presisjon Sabatti 470 NE, 470 NE Sabatti Double Rifle with ejectors, 1.5 X 5, Leupold LER Scope, Barrels MagnaPorted in the USA, with original case; 470 NE Sabatti Double Rifle with ejectors, 1.5 X 5, Leupold LER Scope, Barrels MagnaPorted in the USA, with original case; R 140,000.0 #Can you click #Good Shop for cheap price Sabatti Hunting Rifles And Shotgun Or Rifle For Bear Hunting

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